International Journal of Ecotoxicology and Ecobiology

Volume 9, Issue 1, March 2024

  • Research Article

    Water Quality, Biodiversity and Abundance of Blue-Green Algae in Nyong and Kienké River Mouths (South-Cameroon)

    Christelle Chimène Mokam, Andrea Sarah Kenne Toukem, Christian Dongmo Teufack, Fabien Trésor Amougou Dzou, Sedrick Junior Tsekane, Mohammadou Moukhtar, Auguste Pharaon Mbianda, Martin Kenne*

    Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1, April 2024
    Pages: 1-27
    Received: Jan. 03, 2024
    Accepted: Jan. 15, 2024
    Published: Jan. 23, 2024
    Abstract: A survey was undertaken from March to June 2014 on the water quality and the occurrence of Cyanobacteria bio-indicator species in Nyong and Kienké warm river mouths. Physico-chemical parameters were measured in-situ. Species were identified and counted in laboratory. The pH varied from slightly acidic to slightly basic. Temperature, pH and transpar... Show More